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Nova Richard Rider HQ Resin Helmet +LED
  • Nova Richard Rider HQ Resin Helmet +LED

    Character Background :

    When the last surviving member of the planet Xandar's elite Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey, is dying, he selects New York high school student Richard Rider to replace him.[10] Rider is given the uniform and powers of a Nova Centurion but little instruction on how to use them. Calling himself Nova, Rider becomes a superhero, fighting costumed supervillains such as Condor, Powerhouse,[11] Diamondhead,[12] the Corruptor,[13] and the Sphinx,[14] and teaming with heroes such as Spider-Man[15] and Thor. He initially hides his identity, but later reveals it to his family.[16]

    Rider discovers Dey's space ship orbiting Earth and uses it to journey to Xandar with Doctor Sun, Powerhouse, Comet, and Crimebuster and the Sphinx,[17] where they join Xandar's war against the Skrulls.[18] With the help of Rom the Space Knight, the Skrulls are defeated. Wanting to return to Earth, Rider is released from his duties on Xandar and relinquishes his powers.[19]

    New Warriors[edit]

    Upon his return to Earth, Rider struggles to readjust due to his failure to complete high school. Unknown to him, the planet Xandar is utterly destroyed in an attack by the space pirate Nebula.[20] With the help of Night Thrasher, Rider regains his powers and joins the New Warriors superhero team,[21] where he becomes close friends with Speedball. Richard briefly dates Yale student Laura Dunham and teammate Namorita.[22][23]

    Cover to New Warriors (vol. 1) #75.
    Pencils by Patrick Zircher.

    Rider encounters Garthan Saal, a former Nova Corps Centurion who had been driven insane by absorbing too much Nova Force, the source of power for Nova Centurions. Saal seeks more power so he can restore Xandar to its former glory. He strips Rider of his powers and transports him to Xandar. Saal is defeated. Rider witnesses the reformation of the Nova Corps and receives the rank of Centurion Prime.[24]

    Assigned to Earth, Rider is confronted with the challenge of balancing dual lives as a member of both the Nova Corps and the New Warriors. Rider encounters a Nova Corps member from an alternate timeline named Nova 0:0,[25] who prepares him to stop the Deathstorm, which is coming to destroy Earth. Because Rider defies Xandar's Queen Adora to stop the Deathstorm,[26] he is temporarily stripped of his powers and rank,[27] but is given back his powers when his replacement sacrifices himself.[28]

    Material : Fiberglass HQ Resin


    Feature : HQ Resin, LED Ice Blue Eyes 

    Shipping time frame : 6-8 days


      Item details : 

      Material = Fiberglass (High quality resin)

      Color : White, Silver, and Gold on moon Logo

      Padding sponge inside 

      1 size fit all up to 61cm diameter headsize



      Return : 100% SATISFY GUARANTEE

      If you dont satisfy with our products you can ship it back to our address and we will give your money back 100% (exclude shipping cost)

      Refund policy : (before 1 week since the product arrived)

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