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Moon Knight New 2022 HQ Resin Weapon Included
  • Moon Knight New 2022 HQ Resin Weapon Included

    Moon Knight New 2022 

    Weapon included

    Fiberglass with High quality Resin


    Characters Background =

    Let's establish some parameters. I'm not Spider-Man. And I'm not the Punisher. They represent extreme ends of the same costumed spectrum. I'm Moon Knight. And you all know that means one thing. No one in this room --myself included-- knows precisely what I am capable of. I beat the Avengers. Imagine what I could do to any one of you. 

    Moon Knight[src]

    Marc Spector, better known as the vigilante Moon Knight, was once a mercenary left for dead in the desert, where he was revived by the Moon god Khonshu. Appointed as Khonshu's fist and high priest, Moon Knight enacts justice to protect those who travel at night. Marc also has dissociative identity disorder, some of his alters being millionaire Steven Grant and cab driver Jake Lockley.


    In the beginning of his career, Marc fought crime on the streets with the help of a network of informants, including his best friend "Frenchie" Duchamp, the homeless Bertrand Crawley and diner owner Gena Landers. Since the early days, Marc has mostly worked alone, but he's also been a member of a few superhero teams, including the West Coast Avengers,[25] the Secret Avengers,[26] and the Heroes for Hire


    Recently, Marc discovered he had a daughter named Diatrice with his long-time lover Marlene Alraune,[28] but when Khonshu sensed Mephisto's plans for world domination, Marc left her to fight by his god's side and prevent that from coming true. When Khonshu succumbed to madness, however, Marc had to turn against him and help the Avengers defeat him.[29] Following Khonshu's imprisonment, Spector established the Midnight Mission to offer his help to any night dweller who might need his assistance

    Material : Fiberglass

    Feature : HQ Resin, extreme detail texture, LED light both eyes, Weapon INCLUDED! 

    PRE-ORDER Shipping start by 9 March 2022
    Shipping time = 6-8 days by DHL EXPRESS



      Item details : 

      Material = Fiberglass (High quality resin)

      Color : Red metalic

      Padding sponge inside 

      1 size fit all up to 61cm diameter headsize



      Return : 100% SATISFY GUARANTEE

      If you dont satisfy with our products you can ship it back to our address and we will give your money back 100% (exclude shipping cost)

      Refund policy : (before 1 week since the product arrived)

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