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Iron man Mark 85 (Avengers End Game) HQ Resin Helmet
  • Iron man Mark 85 (Avengers End Game) HQ Resin Helmet

    Iron Man Mark 85 (AVENGERS End Game)


    Material : Fiberglass High Quality Resin

    Specification = Red C-Tone High quality Paint, Full Varnished High Gloss Vs1


    Character Background =


    Mark 85 is Tony Stark's eighty-fifth Iron Man Armor

    The armor appeared in Avengers: Endgame.

    The Mark 85 with its enhanced nano-structure is exceptionally more durable and efficient in combat than its base model the Mark 50.


    During the movie, the Mark 85 is seen for the first time in the battle of New York when it is donned by Tony Stark in an attempt to acquire the Space Stone. The suit is once again witnessed to be quickly wrapped around Tony Stark as he jumps out of the building to maintain cover. Throughout the movie, a small number of nanites from the suit are formed in glasses used to X-ray through certain things (chiefly to locate the Tesseract after it is misplaced during the attempt to recover it goes wrong).





      Item details : 

      Material = Fiberglass (High quality resin)

      Color : White, Silver, and Gold on moon Logo

      Padding sponge inside 

      1 size fit all up to 61cm diameter headsize



      Return : 100% SATISFY GUARANTEE

      If you dont satisfy with our products you can ship it back to our address and we will give your money back 100% (exclude shipping cost)

      Refund policy : (before 1 week since the product arrived)

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