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Immortan Joe Mad Max Mask HQ Resin
  • Immortan Joe Mad Max Mask HQ Resin

    Mad Max Joe Mask (Immortan Joe) 

    Material : Fiberglass
    Shipping time frame : 5-7days 

    Character background :
    Rise to power
    Immortan Joe - formerly known as Colonel Joe Moore - was a veteran of The Oil Wars and a hero of The Water Wars. He formed a biker gang terrorizing the people after the fall. His gang included henchmen dubbed Major Kalashnikov and a strategist: Deepdog. With each battle the gang grew stronger by slaughtering the leaders of other gangs and taking the women. With that, his idea of bringing back society willingly took a dark turn. Eventually he and his gang entered the wasteland, where he would learn about a massive aquifer plant later known as The Citadel.
    Learning about The Aquifer
    Out in the wasteland, Colonel Joe Moore spotted a group of rogue MFP officers (Roop & Charlie) attacking a group of people. He sent out a war party that found a survivor (who later became the People Eater) with knowledge of the location of a massive aquifer built into a series of natural stone pillars in the wasteland, sitting on a lake of fresh water. After learning about the location of the aquifer, Colonel Joe Moore tried to bargain with its inhabitants, wanting to trade the captured women for water. His offer was turned down and his gang was attacked. He decided to look for water elsewhere.
    Material = Fiberglass (High quality resin)
    Color : Silver titanium

    Return : 100% SATISFY GUARANTEE
    If you dont satisfy with our products you can ship it back to our address and we will give your money back 100% (exclude shipping cost)
    Refund policy : (before 1 week since the product arrived)
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