Blue Beetle Helmet HQ Resin by Godofprops
  • Blue Beetle Helmet HQ Resin by Godofprops

    Blue Beetle Mask by Godofprops

    Character background :
    OriginJaime Reyes was a relatively normal high school student from El Paso, Texas. His father ran a garage, his mother was a paramedic, and his little sister was a brat. Jaime hung out with his two best friends Brenda and Paco, the mediator between the hard-working Brenda and the laid-back Paco. By both Brenda and Paco's accounts, he was a good friend, the kind of person who could let them be themselves, and who could always make things better. Jaime aimed to help his father out at the garage, but Alberto turned him down, not wanting to see his son grow up too fast.Everything fell apart with the onset of the Infinite Crisis.The Blue Beetle ScarabSome while before, Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, had come into possession of the Blue Beetle Scarab, the artifact which had given Dan Garrett, the first Blue Beetle, his powers. The Scarab had been presumed destroyed early in Ted's superhero career, but it was discovered intact in a pyramid in the Middle East. Ted lost the Scarab on a visit to the Rock of Eternity, home of the wizard Shazam. Shortly afterwards, he met his death at the hands of Maxwell Lord, Black King of Checkmate.

    Material : Fiberglass HQ Resin

    Color Blue metalic and Black matte
    Shipping time frame : 6-8 days


      Item details : 

      Material = Fiberglass (High quality resin)

      Color : Blue metalic + Black matte

      Padding sponge inside 

      1 size fit all up to 61cm diameter headsize



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