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Anbu Itachi HQ Resin mask
  • Anbu Itachi HQ Resin mask

    Anbu Itachi Naruto Cosplay mask / A.k.a Kitsune Mask

    Character Background :


    Anbu are recruited from their village's standard shinobi forces, hand-picked by their Kage for their individual capabilities and special skills. Age, background, gender, or previous rank bear no significance in this decision; however, in tradition, Konoha shinobi are not selected as Anbu unless they are at least 13 years old, with an 11 years old Itachi Uchiha being a rare exception due to his tremendous talent and vital role in a political struggle.[1]While on the job, Anbu wear masks and use code names to conceal their identity, leaving only their Kage informed. They typically work in teams, formed on the mission's requirements. There are apparently no true ranks within the Anbu; team leadership and hierarchy seem to be based on merit and experience. The leaders of the teams are called squad leaders (分隊長, Buntaichō), a position held in high regard.

    Material : Fiberglass
    Shipping time frame : 5-7 days



      Item details : 

      Material = Fiberglass (High quality resin)

      Color : Silver titanium





      Return : 100% SATISFY GUARANTEE

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      Refund policy : (before 1 week since the product arrived)

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